In the recent times we have learned that stress, anxiety, depression and such similar situation are unannounced and unpredictable. Its starts as a very minor condition and then grows as a enormous stagnation of emotions. But what if we learn to encounter it at the 1st place, and have a positive attitude towards the event?
There are different methods to relief the stress, like listening to music, doing some exercise, meditating, talk it with friends and family etc. Similarly, we are enlisting some products that helps in getting relaxed and feeling calm.

1. Lavender has been used for centuries because of it’s natural benefits especially for Relaxation from Stress and Tension.
Just rubbing few drops on hand and neck will help in improving brain function and relieves Headache and body pain. – for Rs. 199/- onward.

2. This Manual Scalp Massager is great to Relieve Stress, Removes Muscle Tension & Tiredness, Improves Blood Circulation By Massaging Head Or Points On Body – Rs. 135/- onward

3. If you want to enjoy a perfect massage anywhere, then this rechargeable pain relief massager, increases blood circulation to the scalp, boosts hair growth, promotes relaxation, releases stress and aches.- Rs. 1,599/- onward

4. By diffusing some lemon essential oil in the air or simply rolling it on forehead can lift mood and fight depression. It has Powerful, fresh and purifying citrus scent.- Rs. 211/- onward

5. Crystal Quartz Stone Massaage Roller is ideal for stimulating acupuncture and reflex points on the body to assist with healing. It reduces inflammation, following dermabrasion and reduces problems with cellulite areas. – Rs. 1,495/- onward

6. Bath Salt are highly recommended for a foot bath to soothe tired, aching, and itchy feet while soaking away bacteria and fungus. Magnesium in the Salt not only help to relax your muscles, it can also help to relax your mind. – Rs. 265/- onward

7. First of all, having Spinner in hand is fun and they are small enough to put in your pocket and carry anywhere. Second, it can help with stress or anxiety release, autism, ADHD or improving concentration.- Rs. 201/- onward

8. If you are looking forward to Experience the thrill of speed then Yo-yo is the perfect choice. It also enhances motor skills and eye-hand coordination.- Rs. 199/- onward

9. Colouring is one of the most effective stress busting activities out there. Colouring helps in harnessing creativity and makes for a productive use of our free time. Through colouring stress and anxiety are expelled as we take in positivity.- Rs. 175/- onward

10. Emoji Faces Squeeze is a cute yellow smiley ball and are a great toy. They are excellent choice for Anti Stress and Stress Relief. (Pack of 12)- Rs. 345/- onward

11. Infinity Magic cube can improve your focus while studying, working or brainstorming. Simply flip and fold. Helps in relaxing, noiseless and compact tactile sensory cube toy.- Rs. 383/- onward

12. Squeeze Bean Stress Relief Fidget makes you squeeze the bean out over and over for endless distractions, suitable for all ages children and adults.- Rs. 176/- onward

13. The punch ball is attached to a durable spring that continuously bounces the ball back at you, giving you endless hours of stress relief that you need. You can use it to the boxing exercises to relieve the stress- Rs.1,099/- onward

14. Enhance your assembly capabilities. Assemble into a variety of shapes to meet your imagination, while stimulating and exercise your left and right brain hemispheres.- Rs. 1,299/- onward

15. Kawaii Squishy Toys are amazingly soft and cute, its unable to stop pinching them because of the great touch feeling and full squeeze-ability.- Rs. 274/- onward

16. Fidget cube are specialy designed in a way to sooth the sense of people having ADHD and other related conditions. They come with popular 6 sided functions which includes the click, glide, flip, breathe, roll and spin..- Rs. 225/- onward

17. Clear Slime are a colourful treat which looks like jelly. You can poke it, stretch it, wiggle it, pour it from hand to hand. All in all, a very satisfying feeling. (Pack of 3) – Rs. 340/- onward

Coping up with the current situation, as we are all trying to keep ourself equally motivated and enjoyable inside our houses, let your daily clothing be equally cozy and comfortable. Here we are with a collection of clothing and accessories that are casual as well as stylish. Giving you that extra comfort without losing your spark.


1. Nothing is more comfortable and cozy than Sweatshirt Hoodie made of fleece material. Just Pair it with joggers or jeans and sneakers to rock a casual look- Rs. 549/- onward

2. Light & ultra soft slim style leggings to wear all day long and also for doing workout at home. Stretchy yet firm fabric ensures you get all the movement needed during your workout (Pack of 2)- Rs. 499/- onward

3. This Nightwear Dress can also be used as a Lounge wear or Casual wear when you are in a relaxed holiday mood. The fabric is breathable to give maximum comfort in summers and is long lasting- Rs. 499/- onward

4. A round neckline t-shirt is the most loved clothing across men. Its comfortable and soft to wear all day long – Rs. 498/- onward

5. No fall grip is all over the feet to make performing yoga and walking safe and feel secure on glazed surfaces found nowadays – Rs. 299/- onward

6. Keep your feet warm and comfortable in all season. The soft rubber sole makes you walk steadily without falling over, even if there is little water on the floor. – Rs. 299/- onward

7. When its cold outside, a warm and stylish sweater is all you need. This can easily be paired with formal as well as casual look – Rs. 999/- onward

8. These cotton shorts are soft and cozy, which takes you from the boardroom to the living room with all-day comfort. Quality knit based elastic waistband has a soft feel & provides a comfortably snug fit. – Rs. 499/- onward (Pack of 3)

9. If you are looking for a that’s stylish and in trend, this vest’s for you. Team this up with sports or a pair of jeans and pull a laid-back look all this season. – Rs. 799/- onward

10. This Handcrafted Beanie is made with a durable acrylic blend in an ultra-thick chunky cable knit. Adorned with two adorable “ears” makes it strong, stretchable and cozy – Rs. 597/- onward

11. Make A Style Statement This Season With This Pair Of Trousers. Pair It With A Chic Satin Blouse Or A Crisp Cotton Shirt And You Are Ready For The Day – Rs. 599/-

12. Premium terry towel base on both sides makes it water-absorbent and Velvet like finish lends a Luxurious appeal – Rs. 1,499/-

13. Hair headbands is adorable and useful. Made of super soft thin velvet that it provides so much comfort on your head and ensures breath ability when wearing. – Rs. 349/-

14. Activewears are great for all types of activities such as Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, etc. You can also sport this activewear as a fashion statement for when you want to step our but don’t want to wear your regular jeans and dresses!- Rs. 900/- onward

Why make your study time boring with the same old stationary, when you can own these cute and Magical Unicorn themed collection.

May your Life Gliter like a Unicorn


Unicorn Gel Pen.

M.R.P- Rs. 499/-         Sale Price- Rs. 69.

Pink PomPom Unicorn Gel Pen.

M.R.P- Rs. 699/-         Sale Price- Rs. 249/-

Unicorn Pencils Gift Set with Eraser Back

M.R.P- Rs. 400/-         Sale Price- Rs. 299/-

3D Unicorn Design Non-Toxic Rubber Pencil Erasers

M.R.P- Rs. 299/-         Sale Price- Rs. 99/-

Multicolor Unicorn Soft Fur Pouch

M.R.P- Rs. 599/-         Sale Price- Rs. 439/-

Multipurpose Stylish Unicorn Print Jumbo Pencil Case

M.R.P- Rs. 1,099/-         Sale Price- Rs. 499/-

Unicorn Feather Diary with Pen

M.R.P- Rs. 813/-         Sale Price- Rs. 413/-

Soft Plush Feather Notebook Diary

M.R.P- Rs. 499/-         Sale Price- Rs. 320/-

Unicorn Magnetic Bookmark Combo

M.R.P- Rs. 950/-         Sale Price- Rs. 499/-

18 Pieces Fancy Colorful Unicorn Magnetic Book Mark Set

M.R.P- Rs. 300/-         Sale Price- Rs. 225/-

Sleeping Unicorn Keychain

M.R.P- Rs. 699/-         Sale Price- Rs. 211/-

Fluffy Unicorn Backpack / Plush School Rucksack

M.R.P- Rs. 2,253/-         Sale Price- Rs. 889/-

Lets admit, choosing a gift for Men, weather its our Husband, Dad, Brother, Son or Male friend, it’s always as difficult as it sounds. Whatever we think of, they already own it, besides there is also a limited options when it comes to men. 

So, we have come up with some unique gift ideas that might help. We wish that you will love the products we are recommending today for you! 

1. Enhance the properties of soil by adding organic Potting Soil Mix with Required Fertilizers for Plants- for Rs. 539/- onward.

2. An amazing combo of 45 different Vegetable seeds which are Suitable for all Seasons – Rs. 400/- onward

3. High quality stainless steel gardening cutter for plants- Rs. 199/- onward

4. Watering your plants is now easy with this durable and lightweight watering can, suitable for mid-sized gardens- Rs. 449/- onward

5. For lush green and healthy houseplants, just insert this sticks in your pot and the sticks will feed your plant for up to 60 days – Rs. 600/- onward

6. The Perfect Tool Set For All Your Gardening Needs which are Powder coated to prevent rust- Rs. 289/- onward

7. Oval Railing Planters (pack of 5) is durable and lightweight with a detachable hook- Rs. 1,175/- onward

8. Uv Stabilized and 6 year durable Grow Bag are suitable for balcony, terrace or kitchen gardening- Rs. 499/- onward

9. These garden gloves with built in claws on one hand and plan gloves on the other allows you to dig, plant and rake without any tools- Rs. 399/- onward

10. Wooden finish, 3 deck rack is an absolute fit for any room or balcony. The shelves are fold-able to the sleek flat deck- Rs. 410/- onward

11. 100% Biodegradable Coir Pole to support Indoor Climbing Plants (Pack of 2)- Rs. 429/- onward

12. High Pressure Garden Hose Nozzle, features a lock bar at the top of the handle that keep the water remains on without you applying any pressure- Rs. 230/- onward

13. This hanging pot constructed with attractive woven look, can make a great addition to any part of your home- Rs.749/- onward

14. Three layers of Lucky Bamboo is said to bring three kinds of luck to you: Happiness (Fu), Long Life (Soh) and Wealth (Lu)- Rs. 499/- onward

Lets admit, choosing a gift for Men, weather its our Husband, Dad, Brother, Son or Male friend, it’s always as difficult as it sounds. Whatever we think of, they already own it, besides there is also a limited options when it comes to men. 

So, we have come up with some unique gift ideas that might help. We wish that you will love the products we are recommending today for you! 

1. This is the best Unique Gift Set for your Loved ones, which comes with 24K Gold Rose, Gold Playing Cards, Feng-Shui Tortoise and Crystal Filled Gold Plated Pen- for Rs. 2,250/-

2. Bar Box Portable Premium Bar kit and Accessories set – Rs. 8,999/-

3. Formal/Casual Printed Polyester Necktie Set with Pocket Square, Lapel Pin and Cuff-links- Rs. 499/-

4. Handmade Wooden Nose Shaped Spectacle Specs Eyeglass Holder Stand – Rs. 270

5. Leather Passport Cover – Rs. 430/-

6. Alloy Ash Tray – Rs. 2,000/-

7. Pocket Watch Pendant with Chain – Rs. 759/-

8. Personalized Message in a Bottle 52 Reasons I Love You Gift – Rs. 499/-

9. Grooming Kit Packed In Elegant Wooden Gift Box – Rs. 2,210/-

10. Human Skull Crystal Clear High Quality Mug – Rs. 699/-

11. Anti Theft Water Repellent Laptop Backpack Bag with USB Charging Port – Rs. 999/-

12. Customised Perfume With Name Printed And A Greeting Card – Rs. 1,399/-

13. Beardo Mooch Swag Coffee/Tea Mug – Rs. 315/-

14. Beard Oils Set (Sandalwood + Cedarwood + Musk) – Rs. 599/-

Teachers are those selfless personalities who always take little more extra efforts to help us grow. As the day is approaching soon let’s book a beautiful gift for our beloved teachers and tell them that they are special no matter what the situation is.

Whats better than Gifting a Premium Quality Coffee Mug to Teacher, that comes with whooping discount of 65%.

How about a Unique way to express our Feelings through a Greeting Scroll?

Printed Sipper Bottle : A Perfect gift to impress your Teacher with a price range starting from Rs. 300 onward only.

Or a Trophy to appreciate there Lifelong Efforts that helped you Grow!

Some more Gift items to charge up your imagination and find a perfect Gift for your Amazing Teacher.

Let’s admit, choosing a gift for Men, whether it’s our Husband, Dad, Brother, Son or Male friend, it’s always as difficult as it sounds. Whatever we think of, they already own it, besides there is also a limited option when it comes to men. So, we have come up with some unique gift ideas that might help. We wish that you will love the products we are recommending today for you!