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Movie Night with family, a great way to tighten the bond and share the love. And when we have perfect accompanying snacks with it, that set the mood right.

So, here we are here with ideal snack board items that you can try on your next movie night. Hope you will Love them…

1. Chocolate Popcorn, Yes it exists and they are a perfect snack for every occasion. – Rs. 200/- onward.

2. Get the crunchy and chocolaty combination together with the Oreo Vanilla Wafer Roll – Rs. 300/- onward


3. Pringles Sour Cream and Onion Flavored Potato Chips offer a burst of flavor in every bite with none of the guilt. – Rs. 99/- onward

4. The rich crust enrobes the luscious and smooth choco creme made to mesmerize your taste buds.- Rs. 23/- onward

5. A sweet, sour and delicious treat of berries, Rostaa Berrylicious is a perfect blend of blueberries and golden berries. – Rs. 336/- onward

6. Who might say no to cheese? A perfect companion for every dish. Combine it will cracker it wont disappoint you at any point.- Rs. 360/- onward

7. If you love giving a Desi touch to your snack board then Khakra is the perfect option. – Rs. 239/- onward

8. Add a Mexicano flavour by using it as a fresh and tangy dip for acidic balance.- Rs. 149/- onward

9. These soft candies with a refreshing black current flavor, leaves a fizzy and sour aftertaste. As a result, making candy time, fun time.- Rs. 160/- onward


10. Firstly, they are baked to perfection. Secondly, this delicious blend of 5 grains in a cracker makes them thin and crisp. – Rs. 140/- onward

11. Give a a fizzy sensation to your taste buds with these candies and try on movie night. Moreover, with attractive colors these are perfect options for snack board.- Rs. 160/- onward

12. Pillowy-soft creamy marshmallows are made with natural ingredients. Moreover they are perfect for roasting and can be enjoyed with chocolate dips.- Rs. 176/- onward

13. Gur Chana, an easy & healthy snack board items to can try movie night. With nothing but Chana coated with Jaggery, which makes it a guilt free sweet- Rs. 60/- onward

To sum up, instead of continuing the same old snack routine, you can try something new. Weather you want a healthy snack or want to spoil yourself a little bit. You can always have a great variety of choices when it comes to snacks.


Coupon Bhaiya

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