Coupon Bhaiya

As we keep up our fitness with regular exercise in gym, lets ensure that we continue the workout at home as well during this lock down period.

We wish that you will love the exercise equipment for home workout we are recommending today for you! All of them were independently selected based on the topic of the article. Also, please note prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication.

1. Strauss Anti Burst Gym Ball with Foot Pump – Rs. 658/- onward

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Foam Hand Grip – Rs. 229/-

3. Strauss Anti Skid Yoga Mat – Rs. 654/- onward

4. GOCART WITH G LOGO Antiperspirant Portable Push-up Bar (Black) – Rs. 345/- onward

5. Manogyam AB Roller 01 Plastic Abdominal Double Wheel Ab Roller Gym- Rs. 299/- onward

6. Strauss Stretch-Back Gym Gloves with Leather Palm, (Medium)- Rs. 449/- onward

7. Solimo Shaker Bottle 700 ml (Flip Handle lid) – Rs. 169/- onward

8. BFIT USA Vinyl Kettlebell (2 Kg to 24 Kg) – Rs. 849/- onward

9. AmazonBasics 6 Inch Wide Padded Weight Lifting Belt – Small, Tan – Rs. 1,989/- onward

10. AmazonBasics Latex Resistance Band – Rs. 449/- onward

11. Kore PVC 16-30 Kg Home Gym Set – Rs. 1,926/- onward

12. EasyHealth Double Spring Tummy Trimmer Pro – Rs. 305/- onward

13. Strauss Chest Expander – Rs. 449/- onward

Coupon Bhaiya

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