Coupon Bhaiya
Those cozy monsoon mornings, when the only question is to weather have a Cup of Coffee or Tea? Here we a bring a new range of both the worlds to have a new flavor every day with more than 50% off on each. We wish that you will love the products we are recommending today for you! All of them were independently selected based on the topic of the article. Also, please note prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication.

Blue Tea – Butterfly Pea Flower

M.R.P- Rs. 375/-        

Cranberry Apple Infusion Tea – by TE-A-ME

M.R.P- Rs. 245/- onwards

Lychee Infusion Tea Bags- by TE-A-ME

M.R.P- Rs. 308/- onwards

Kiwi Loose Leaf Tea: Black Tea with Dried Kiwi- by Jarved

M.R.P- Rs. 399/- onward

Guava Green Tea – by Nature Chai

M.R.P- Rs. 504/- onward

Spanish Sangria (Apple, Orange, Hibiscus) – by Ausum Tea

M.R.P- Rs. 525/-  

Double Chocolate Mocha Instant Coffee – by Colombian Brew

M.R.P- Rs. 190/-     

Vanilla Flavoured Coffee – by Country Bean

M.R.P- Rs. 325/-         Sale Price- Rs. 319/-

Hazelnut Brownie Flavoured Coffee – by Coffeeza

M.R.P- Rs. 550/-   

Dark Chocolate Flavoured Coffee – by Rage Coffee

M.R.P- Rs. 399/-         Sale Price- Rs. 345/-

Smoky Cinnamon Instant Coffee – by Colombian Brew

M.R.P- Rs. 180/-         Sale Price- Rs. 170/-

Sparky Orange Flavoured Coffee – by Rage Coffee

M.R.P- Rs. 599/-         Sale Price- Rs. 549/-

Coupon Bhaiya

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