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Have you ever seen the flawless and glowing skin of Korean men and women? And wondered, How do they do that? Well, we do have a definite answer for that. They follow a 10- step routine for Skin care every single day, to maintain that radiant and healthy looking skin.

So,  if  you dare to follow it, below is the selected list of Korean Skin care products as per the 10 Steps mentioned in the K-beauty routine. Follow these steps everyday and comment us when you see the positive effects of it.

Step 1- Oil Cleansing

Remove the oil based impurities like sebum, SPF, makeup, etc from your face with Rice Water Bright Cleansing Rich Oil

M.R.P- Rs 999/-

Step 2- Foaming Cleanser

Jeju Volcanic Lava Foaming Cleanser controls excess sebum and purifies pores from deep within.
M.R.P- 690   Sale Price- 587

Step 3- Exfoliant

Gently exfoliate and peel away dead skin cells with Smart Peeling Honey Black Sugar Scrub Gentle Exfoliator
M.R.P-  Rs. 950/-   Sale Price- Rs. 808/-

Step 4- Toner

A mild Calendula Essential moisturizing and soothing toner that delivers comfortable rest to sensitive skin.
M.R.P- Rs. 1,220     Sale Price- Rs. 976

Step 5- Essence

Say Good bye to anti-aging with Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop
M.R.P- Rs. 4,000/-     Sale Price- Rs. 3,400/-

Step 6- Serum

White Seed Brightening Face Serum effectively penetrates into skin, giving it a boost of radiance and brightness
M.R.P- Rs. 1,990/-     Sale Price- Rs. 1,493/-

Step 7- Sheet Mask

The masksheets in this combo brightens your skin and gets rid of dullness
M.R.P- Rs. 500/-     Sale Price- Rs. 450/-

Step 8- Eye Cream

Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Eye Cream gently hugs the eyes, neck and other dull, dehydrated areas to plump skin with moisture and restore its suppleness
M.R.P- Rs. 2,040/-     Sale Price- Rs. 1,633/-

Step 9- Moisturizer

Rice & Ceramide Moisturizing Emulsion with Rice Extracts suits for brightening all Skin Types. It recharges skin with moisture and replenishes its moisture barrier.
M.R.P- Rs. 820/- 

Step 10- Sunscreen

The most important step of the regim is applying Natural Sun Eco Super Perfect Sun Fluid which help prevents sunburn leaving your skin soft and smooth.
M.R.P- Rs. 1,499/-     Sale Price- Rs. 1,124/-

Coupon Bhaiya

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